Modular Kitchen Cabinets Sicilian Orange with Dark Grey


Wood Studio provides the plenty of trendy Modular kitchen cabinets in Chennai, Here we mentioned one of our favorite Orange and grey kitchen cabinets ideas with best Cost.

A Spacious U-shaped kitchen cabinets that assures great functionality. The bright Sicilian orange with a mystique dark grey provides a contemporary touch.

The marble floor with a burnt brown hue also compliments the Sicilian orange and elevates the contemporary look.

The accent feature of the Modular kitchen however would be the squared white splash tiles that go all the way to the top and throughout the sides.

The burnt Orange with Grey Kitchen cabinets provide great solutions as they are sectioned in three layers, top, middle and bottom. The middle and bottom would be the most used cabinets while top ones will hold products that are not used on a daily basis.

The recessed ceiling lights take care of the ambient lighting while the under-cabinet lights accentuate the space and give it more depth.

The asymmetrical pendant lights pull the whole together. The niche on the left side of the kitchen holds the refrigerator perfectly providing a very balanced outlook overall.

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