Study table attached with modern wardrobe design


How simply can make your bedroom with stunning and budget friendly Study Table with Wardrobe?

Cyan with white combo wardrobe interior design:

Wood Studio Designing your kids’ bedroom can be a pretty hectic experience as it has to cater to their growing needs especially offering them a place to learn and reflect. Therefore, having a sliding wardrobe with study table becomes an essential part of your kid’s room especially in the times of online learning. Now, in this particular design we have chosen muted colors which almost have pastel effect with white being the dominant color.

While white can be a hard to maintain color for kid’s bedroom, it is indeed the most versatile of all. By attaching the study to the side of wardrobe we provide the necessary barrier to the study table attached with wardrobe to help the kids from distractions and also utilize the space to the fullest. When it comes to patterns the geometric patterns are a great addition that doesn’t jar the visual aesthetics of space but rather blend in.

The adjustable side shelf is a phenomenal support to the study space that doesn’t become a hindrance in the long run. There is a sense of oneness on the design that is easy on the eyes. This can be the perfect little haven for your kids to grow!

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