Modern bathroom With Marble finishing and Compact Storage


Contemporary style bathroom with white and black combo

Wood Studio thinking way is very different to create an unique way of Bathrooms, this can be the most luxe part of homes if designed using the mirror cabinet with storage and light well. And this particular marble on marble design is a tricky but very premium design that sure wows you on the first impression. The segregation of the space looks clean and clutter-free. The emphasis is brought to the rectangular back lit mirror in the vanity area. Mirror cabinet for bathroom is well suited in the modern style bathroom.

Spacious Bathroom with mirror partition shower Area:

The cabinet area beneath the mirror is big enough to hold all the washroom essentials. The walls and ac cessories are all chosen white while the ceiling complements it with a dark grey colour. Preferably, in Indian households, showers are preferred to bathtubs and for all the right reasons.

The clear boundary between dry and wet area helps you get ready inside the washroom itself. A perfect spacious washroom fit for big homes for people who love a hot shower to begin with mirror cabinet for bathroom and end their day well!

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