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How to create a Brown and White Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets?

A well-lit ventilated Modular kitchen is the perfect fit for any home and that’s what this brown and white kitchen design does. Light colors make space appear bigger especially white, hence a great choice for kitchen and when combined with an unconventional shade of brown it brings in a sense of rustiness that balances the contemporary look of white.

Even though the colors appear neutral this particular modular kitchen design color combination has a lot of play of textures which stimulates our visual flow. The foldable shelf, the transparent cabinet are some of the highlights of this design which makes it versatile and appealing for many.

The multi-window ventilation helps the kitchen bathe in natural light elevating the whole look and improving the functionality and also compensating for the no-chimney design.

Perfect for a big family where a lot of day is spent in the kitchen. Durable materials, functional design, versatile approach makes for a great combination and an obvious choice.

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